Collaborative Writing

I am going to try something, I’m not sure if this has been done before but I want your help.

We are developers, designers, UX/UI peeps, translators, etc… We work together on code in our day jobs and in our free time – so why don’t we write content together as well?

My idea is simple – We should write articles together – we already have github which anyone can contibute to so this seems like a logical tool to use.

By having multiple authors or contibutors to a How-To article, an opinion piece, or reporting on new features going into WordPress core we may be able to provide better and more rounded content to those that want it.

Another benefit to this is that I often hear “I want to write more” when speaking to my WordPress friends. Often the barrier to not writing seems to be not having a topic, the time, the energy, etc… Taking a collaborative approach to writing may allow more people to contibute to and be involved in our community. Maybe that would simply be editing for puncuation / grammar ( no real WordPress knowledge would be needed ), suggesting new topics, or even showing a new / different way to approach a logic / code issue.

I have started a repo here,, for anyone that may be interested in giving this a try with me. Clearly this is experimental right now but this is what I envision:

  1. Anyone that contributes anything that get’s published to a piece of writing will be credited and the piece they helped with will provide their name and a link to their site ( if desired )
  2. Anyone that contributes to a piece will have the ‘right’ to post said work on their site with the understanding of #1
  3. All content will be considered to be published under the GPL v2 Licence

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