Change, It happens…

I’ve left Alley Interactive.

There, I said it. This has not been an easy decision to make, though the important ones rarely are. My time at Alley Interactive has been insanely educational – you are guaranteed to learn a lot working along side any of the developers there though I’d like to call out Matt Johnson (partner), Matt Boynes (partner), and Tom Harrigan (principal developer) specifically for their guidance. Thank you.

I will always look back at my time with Alley Interactive fondly and wish both the company and the people the best – though it has come time for me to move on. Recalling other developer’s stories about their job moves, I am only now starting to understand the feelings that come along with it, especially when leaving a great company for another great (and scary) opportunity. Equal levels of fear, sadness, and excitement come with this transition (yes, I know what I’m doing next) and these can be very difficult to balance.

The anticipation and excitement is impossible to put into words at this point. I will be staying firmly in the WordPress space (I mean… why wouldn’t I), I will be continuing to travel and hopefully speak at WordCamps, and I will be taking on some different responsibilities (though of course still coding).

Taking November off to recharge / vacation / do what-ever-the-hell I want, I’ll be starting my new position on December 1st. So if you need any help with anything WordPress related in the mean time please feel free to reach out!

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