Your First Theme – Part 3

heavily edited/contributed to by: Michelle Schulp In part 2 of this series we ended having made a header.php, footer.php, and template-part/post-loop.php to show our most recent posts on index.php using The Loop. In this article we’ll work on displaying some additional useful WordPress data within The Loop, adding a sidebar, and create additional markup and […]

Your First Theme – Part 2

edited/contributed to by: Michelle Schulp Where we are at Ok, so in our last post, we finished with you creating and activating your own WordPress theme, but the only thing it did was say “This will work” on the home page. In this post we will add a header, footer, and output a basic list […]

Your First Theme – Part 1

edited/contributed to by: Michelle Schulp, Maura Teal, Kyle Maurer, and Ben Meredith This series will teach you what you need to know to build a simple WordPress theme. We’ll be starting with the basics of local development and WordPress theme structure, and moving into learning how WordPress outputs and processes information, before finally learning how […]